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The family of English Round Hands
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5 years ago

interesting. I see a form of the Langdon New Copy Book from 1723 still in use in the 1870’s in the US. I have sort of collected common hand-written documents from the 19th-century to study regular penmanship. (more like penmanship as used, rather than penmanship as taught) I have some letters from the 1870’s from a railroad company’s office and one of the documents looks very like this style of writing. Interesting how some styles last long after they’ve fallen out of fashion, or continue to be taught in out-of-the-way places long after they’re no longer in fashion in the… Read more »

Kun-Ming Wu
Kun-Ming Wu
4 years ago

I’m very anxious to learn the reason why you mentioned that The Italian Hand is” particularly recommended for ladies “. Should you explain it? Thanks a lot.

Sybille van Zuylen
Reply to  Kun-Ming Wu
4 years ago

Yes ! The Italian hand was recommended for ladies mainly because it looks more graceful than the more sturdy round hand… Back then, they believed that men had to write a certain way (have a handwriting that reflected male qualities, and legibility was not recommended for some reason), and women had to use a hand that reflected female qualities : gracefuness, lightness of hand, subtelty, legibility… To my knowledge, the only men that used Italian hand were Writing masters… but I can be wrong.

2 years ago

Очень много интересной и полезной информации! Спасибо!!!

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