Get inspired and build your own library of copperplate variations with these collections of capitals and flourishes variations, gathered from rare copybooks published between 1680 and 1900.


Each one of the catalogues available contains at least 100 variations of a single capital letter. The exemplars were gathered from rare copybooks published between 1680 and 1900. New catalogues are added to the collection monthly.

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  • All letters illustrated in the catalogues were carefully isolated and redrawn to facilitate study.

    Advice on how to use this material is included.  Customers get access to all future updates. 


    A Free sample catalogue can be downloaded at the bottom of this page
  • Having something like this as a beginner would have been a huge help! When I started I was really confused by all the different models available, and had no understanding of what “real Copperplate” was, all of that was totally opaque and it took me years to find out more. This resource is excellent for beginners and advanced calligraphers alike”.

    Stefanie Weigele
    @federflugcalligraphy -
  • An index of variations is always included in the Read Me file

  • The art of flourishing can be hard to learn. These collections of variations will help you develop your own mental “library of strokes”, which will make it easier for you to create beautiful flourished layouts. 

    The catalogues of Ascenders and descenders will more specifically help you with flourishing. Between the two of those, you will find more than 300 possible ways to add ornamentation to your calligraphy.

    You will also find lots of advice on flourishing in this post.


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It contains 3 capital variations of each letter of the alphabet


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