10 copybooks to study when you’re learning the Italian Hand
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Loan Nguyen
Loan Nguyen
11 days ago

Thanks so much for this post. I stumbled the Italian Hand and was wondering how the style changed from Velde to Heather Held. I find the script quite informal and even though it very old, the informality seems modern somehow.

Sybille van Zuylen
Reply to  Loan Nguyen
10 days ago

Thanks for the comment and appreciation ! Yes, I agree with you that Italian hand somehow has some modern aspects to it. The hand did evolve quite a lot over time because its “rules” are a bit looser than those of the later English Round Hand… As it can be a very cursive style (all letters are attached to one another) there are lots of possibilities for personalization. Velde’s style was typical of Dutch early 17th century and Heather’s style is more inspired by English masters, mostly of the late 17th and early 18th century. In my opinion, modern calligrapy… Read more »

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