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Kun-Ming Wu
Kun-Ming Wu
11 months ago

Should you advise where and how can I get those clear digital copy of the examples for the Italian Hand, instead of digital copies from google book?

Sybille van Zuylen
Reply to  Kun-Ming Wu
11 months ago

Unfortunately you can’t get copies of all the books cited in this post as there are no digital copies freely available… unless you go to a library that has the book and allows visitors to take pictures. The images here are pictures I took myself at the libraries I visited. You can however take a look at the digital copies of many copybooks linked in the bibliography section. There are many links, even though many are not top quality, some are quite usable for calligraphy study. For 18th century italian hand in the English style, I’d recomment George Shelley’s 2nd… Read more »

Kun-Ming Wu
Kun-Ming Wu
Reply to  Sybille
11 months ago

Thank you very much for the prompt response.

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